Think Bike 2020

Think Bike 2020 Ltd has joined forces with councils, charities and businesses throughout the UK to promote cycling as part of a healthy lifestyle.

Information/sponsorship panels will be installed on bike stands at various locations throughout the UK. The Bike Stand panels will offer information on safety, security advice to cyclists.

Think Bike 2020 Ltd will also be embarking on a project to provide bike parks in all major UK cities and towns. Each bike park will provide, dry, safe, and secure bike parking/storage with CCTV coverage provided in all of our Bike Parks.

Who we are?

Think Bike 2020 is a Social Enterprise Company which has been set in order to encourage individuals, companies and public bodies to get in the fast growing world of cycling.

What we do?

We offer companies, councils and individuals free advice on how to get involved in cycling including buying bikes, insurance, club membership etc. We also advise companies, councils, schools in how to get employees, staff and students lead a healthier lifestyle through cycling.

For companies, councils we offer the opportunity to promote your business or organisation on our Bike Stand sponsorship. We have access to over one million bike stands in prime locations throughout the UK including city centres, station (bus & rail), airports, hotels and schools. Bike ownership is growing 30% each year.

What’s next?

Please feel free to get in touch to discuss this fantastic opportunity to get involved in the world of cycling.

There are currently over 400.000 Bike Stands installed in city centres, rail, bus stations, schools, colleges, universities, and government buildings. With the sales of bikes increasing at 30% ever year the requirement for bike stands will be at premium.

ThinkBike 2020 are looking for companies who would be prepared to sponsor bike stands to provide funding to install more bike stands.

Glasgow City Council bike stand information panels are designed, manufactured, and installed by Think Bike 2020 Ltd



Sponsors & Sponsorship

Sponsor your business or promote your organisation using Bike Stand Information Panels. There are currently 500,000 bike stands installed in city & town centre’s, villages, Bus and Train stations, Supermarkets, Schools, Cyclepaths and Towpaths, Colleges and Universities around the UK. Bike Stand installations are growing by 30% every year.

All bike stands are located in high footfall/traffic flow areas. Bike Stand sponsoring is a cost effective way of promoting your business on a national level.


Think Bike 2020 Ltd can install bike stands outside your place of business. Each Bike Stand has a double sided sponsorship panel on which the message can be changed on a regular basis if required. The bike stands are a permanent pavement feature unlike A frame boards which ten to clutter up the pavements.

The installation of a bike stand at your premises also prevents cyclists from parking their bikes on your shop front window or railings. There is also a dog leash loop on the Bike Stands.

Think Bike 2020 Ltd is a Not For Profit Company with all profits going to Free Bikes For Schools and other cycling related projects.


0141 255 1051 – THINKBIKE2020.COM

High profile roadside Bike Stand advertising sites available in all UK and European cities.

All Bike Stands are located in profile locations that have very high footfall and traffic flow numbers.

Locations: City Centres – Train & Bus Stations – Universities – Colleges – Schools – Offices – Hospitals

Think Bike 2020 Cyclists Road Safety Campaign

We provide cycling training programmes for all cyclists.

Think Bike 2020 are launching a new cyclists safety campaign which will not only benefit current bike users but will also make other road users more aware of cyclists.

We have put together an easy to understand set of road rules for all road users that is designed to create road awarenes and best practice for all road users.

Rules of the Road:

1. Make sure that you can always be seen by wearing High Visabilty or bright clothing. A safety helmet is the most important piece of kit you will buy, so buy a good one.
2. Lighting your bike is crucial from a safety point of view.
3. Make sure your bike is well maintained.
4. Carry a small tool / first aid kit
5. Plan your route and carry a mobile phone.
6. Be aware that not all lorries and buses can see you at certain times, if you cant see their mirrors they cant see you.
7. Look out for pot holes or road works with no barriers.
8. Always be considerate to other road users.
9. Always give way to pedestrians
10. Never Cycle on the payment.

Always buy your bike from a reputable dealer who will be too only to pleased to advise on the best type of bike and accessories for you.